Follow the recommended exposure schedule for your skin type. It should be listed on the front of the tanning unit. A certified tanning consultant will advise you on the proper tanning procedure.

Never try to hurry a tan and always use common sense. Never sunbathe more than once a day. The tan achieved will then be retained by tanning once or twice a week.

Before tanning, be sure to remove any make-up or skin care products from your skin and take off all jewelry. Some lotions, sunscreens or other products that are not designed for use in conjunction with an indoor tanning system, may limit your tanning potential. Using moisturizing lotions, etc., designed specifically for use and with an indoor tanning system, will maximize your tanning experience.

Before and after tanning use skincare products to keep your tan looking good longer. Quality indoor tanning products are particularly suitable for this type of skin care because they are tailored to the specific needs of the indoor tanner.

Protect your eyes. Keep your eyes closed and always wear protective eye wear when using any indoor tanning system.

Protect your lips. They do not produce melanin and will burn easily unless you protect them with lip balms and sunscreens.

Benefits of Using Lotion
We at Endless Summer Tanning Studio, strongly advise responsible tanning and skincare nutrition. Properly hydrated skin is essential to achieving a healthy, tan. Healthy skin tans faster and stays tan longer. Specially formulated tanning lotions will aid in keeping your skin healthy and soft and can increase your tanning results by as much as 60%.

Tan Faster
Lotions are accelerators designed to increase your tanning potential by delivering essential vitamins and nutrients that keep the skin healthy.

Tan Longer
Healthy hydrated skin will hold its tan longer.

Tan Darker
Added bronzers boost color. Tingles help break through a tanning plateau.

Protect Skin
Herbal extracts, vitamins and super antioxidants help fight the damage and reduce the wrinkling caused by UV light.

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