Sundash 332 Pro

The Sundash 332 Pro is our entry level bed. It has 32 120 watt bulbs. With a 400 watt facial lamp. This makes our entry level bed performance much better. It has the controls on the inside for automatic exterior cooling fan with controls Tanning time is 15 minutes. 

Advantage 400 Turbo Bed

The Advantage 400 Turbo bed is our level 2 bed. It has 40 140 watt lamps. 3 - 400 watt facial lamps. High performance tanning lamps. With a contoured body acrylic and a 15 minute tan time and a cooling system you are in control with adjustable settings that can let you experience everything from a gentle breeze or the wind of a roller coaster. It is tanning at its best. It offers a touch control panel so you can control the cooling system and facial.

Classic 600 Ultra Turbo Power Bed

Level 3- The Classic 600 is the ultimate combination of sun bed performance and comfort. It has 50 - 160 watt lamps. 4 - 400 watt facial lamps. Inside is a panel that lets you control the facial and air cooling system inside the bed. The cooling system will let you experience a gentle breeze or the wind of a roller coaster. With the contoured body acrylic and a 12 minute tan time this bed is the ultimate in tanning performance and comfort..

Suncapsule 220

Level 4- Fastest UV tan around only 7 minutes. Step into this Suncapsule and be surrounded by 52 high powered 220 watt lamps. Achieve a longer lasting tan in the shortest possible time with a even coverage for those hard to tan areas.


Kiwi King High Pressure

12 minute maximum.  This bed gives you immediate color.  Stereo sound system and MP3 player dock.

Sun Angel

Air conditioned, sensors adjust to your skin preventing burning.  Aroma therapy.  This bed has so many luxury on it you can't afford not to try it!  Eliminates burning giving you that natural looking tan.

Queen Berry

12 minute tanning time.  Four facial tanners, air conditioning, soft touch control, panel stereo sound system.  Powerful UV performance

Beauty Angel

Red light therapy.  Replaces collagen in the skin.  Reduces fine lines, sun spots, tones and gets rid of cellulite.  Also has a vibration platform to tone muscle in legs and reduce cellulite.


Times-Georgian Reader's Choice Award